Mission Context: 
First Responder Information Sharing Environment
Initiative Description: 

Current systems that are implemented to support the emergency management community are typically developed using proprietary data models that may inhibit information sharing. The IMIS Framework recommends an architecture where standard information encodings and standard data services are implemented in the IMIS-compliant systems to support the necessary data exchanges and improve overall interoperability between systems holding information and systems supporting consumers of the information.

Unique Value Proposition: 

The emergency management community (law enforcement, fire, emergency medical, and command center organizations) have an extreme need to share incident information to support situational awareness and establish coordinated response and mutual aid activities. That need to share information on both natural and criminal incidents is not being met today by the existing systems and vendor solutions in a regional, state, or national environment because of a lack of standards and processes to support system interoperability.

Alignment with National Strategy for Information Sharing: 
The Incident Management and Information Sharing program is fully consistent with NSIS because of its own goals to improve collaboration within the emergency management community, implement common technology standards and processes and incentivize the private sector in adopting common communication (e.g., EDXL) and data (e.g., NEIM) standards in their public safety solutions that will significantly improve overall system interoperability throughout the nation.