Mission Context: 
Use Cases Calling for NIEM IEPs Containing Geospatial Data or GML Feature Representations Leveraging NIEM Components
Initiative Description: 

Validate and provide recommendations to enhance National Information Exchange Model (NIEM) 3.0 architecture related to the Intelligence Community (IC) data encoding specifications (i.e., ISM, NTK, and TDF) aligned to Open Geospatial Consortium's (OGC) Testbed 9 work.

Provide recommendations to enable full-round-tripping from NIEM information exchange packages (IEP) to Geography Markup Language (GML) features and back to provide a comprehensive view of NIEM and GML capabilities and to document NIEM architectural gaps. 

Test and demonstrate 1) use of NIEM 3.0 tagging related to IC data encoding specifications and 2) round tripping of NIEM IEPs to GML features and back.

Test and demonstrate use of an API for operating on GML feature representations leveraging NIEM components; features may be searched, retrieved, inserted, updated, and deleted.

Unique Value Proposition: 

Geo4NIEM's goal is to enhance the NIEM domain architecture for geospatial data by embedding GML within the existing NIEM architecture. This will enable the growing NIEM community to more effectively document and exchange critical geospatial information.

NSISS-Priority Objectives: 
Initiative Status: 
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