Training and Technical Assistance

Training and Technical Assistance Providers




National Information Exchange Model (NIEM): NIEM is a common vocabulary that enables efficient information exchange across diverse public and private organizations. The NIEM model defines terms, definitions, and relationships for data being exchanged. 


NIEM training can be obtained from the following two organizations:


IJIS Institute,, Ashburn VA -- The IJIS Institute will provide in-person training that spans all levels of knowledge at any location or at IJIS facilities.  The IJIS Institute also provides regional training upon request. The Bureau of Justice Assistance at the Department of Justice may provide grant funds for local government agencies to attend IJIS Institute NIEM training.  Additionally, the IJIS Institute is available to provide NIEM training for unique groups for a fee.


On-line training,  --  The on-line training spans NIEM basics to advanced technical implementation.



NIEM TOOLS  is the best resource to locate NIEM tools.  Members of the NIEM community have developed web-based and stand-alone tools to assist with:


  • Information exchange (IEPD) development;
  • Model management​;
  • Model search and discovery; and
  • Information exchange storage, search, and discovery.




The IJIS Institute provides SpringBoard certification testing for various standards such as NIEM, Computer-aided Dispatch Interoperability Standards, Prescription Drug Monitoring (PMIX) Program Information Exchange,and the Electronic Court Filing XML.  Information on standards certification can be found at IJIS Institute,, Ashburn VA.





Technical assistance to achieve safer communities can be found at the Bureau of Justice Assistance National Training and Technical Assistance Center (NTTAC) at the Department of Justice.  The NTTAC is a major source of justice-related training and technical assistance (TTA) information and resources to improve criminal justice systems nationwide. BJA NTTAC offers specialized assistance to the criminal justice field by providing state, local, and tribal communities with rapid, expert, coordinated, and data-driven training and technical assistance.


Two technology assistance providers listed as resources in the NTTAC directory are:


IJIS Institute,, Ashburn VA


SEARCH,, Sacramento CA


In addition to justice TTA, other agencies and industry organizations can contact the IJIS Institute for technology assistance for public safety, homeland security and health and human services.