About the Standards Coordinating Council

The Standards Coordinating Council (SCC) grew out of a need for a high-level view of the information sharing and safeguarding standards landscape. As information sharing standards grow and develop, there needed to be a body to oversee this development and provide guidance to standards development organizations, or SDOs, on issues related to these standards and how they fit in the context of the overall landscape of information sharing and safeguarding initiatives.


The Standards Coordinating Council serves as this high-level oversight, and the SCC provides advice and counsel to the standards development stakeholder community on matters related to information sharing and safeguarding standards.


What are the goals of the SCC?


In addition to providing advice and counsel, the SCC is intended to advance responsible information sharing and safeguarding and information sharing standards. To do this, the SCC will:


  • Identify high-priority standards activities that can be coordinated across standards development organizations (SDOs) for greater return on resources.
  • Communicate stakeholder requirements to identify opportunities to develop or integrate technical and functional roadmaps.
  • Coordinate governance processes across SDOs to streamline standards development activities and to enhance communication, collaboration, and consensus between standards partners.
  • Coordinate outreach and training opportunities to reach a broader constituency.
  • Coordinate private sector standards activities with federal governance bodies such as the Federal CIO Council.


Who is on the SCC?


The SCC is an advisory group composed of industry consortium and standards development organizations. The members of the SCC can grow and change over time depending on the information sharing and safeguarding standards landscape and the identified expertise needs of the Council. See the current SCC Member Organizations.


For a more detailed look at the value of SCC participation, check out Why Participate in the SCC. Is your organization interested in participating in the SCC? Complete the online form here!