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The IS&S Environment is not just about data or systems, but the fundamental purpose of an IS&S Environment has to do with collecting, analyzing, and disseminating data and doing so across jurisdictional and disciplinary boundaries. As a result, a strong policy dealing with the issues of data management is important. This is a topic best dealt with by the governance body, with input from all stakeholders. 


Desired Outcome: A data management policy is adopted by the governance body and communicated to all stakeholder organizations.

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1. Clarify the principles of data stewardship vs. data ownership and identify limitations on both.
2. Define policies and practices upholding the principle that data quality is best established at the point of its origin.
3. Given the high cost of data collection, make clear the principle that data will be reused as much as possible to serve varied needs and interests.
4. Develop a policy that discourages duplicate data collection and entry across systems.
5. Include a policy that data elements will be structured whenever it is responsible to do so in order to maintain maximum search and reuse capabilities.
6. Call for data naming and design conventions such as those created in the NIEM program.
7. Define data dissemination and use rules in connection with a privacy plan.
8. Create a policy for the secondary use and disclosure of data captured that maintains the originator rules on dissemination and access.
9. Define role-based access rules for data in the participating systems.

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1. Which organizations will have cross-organizational data access and what limitations on dissemination will be imposed?
2. How will originating agency data access rules be enforced in other organizations?
3. What organization will maintain a directory of system-wide data and definitions?
4. How will users be training on data access and privacy practices?

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The following resources can help you with this play:


National Information Exchange Model (NIEM)


Data Management Maturity Model,


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