description icon green arrowAt every stage of a project, teams should measure how well service components are working for users. At the point of going live, it is critical to have in place the methodology for measuring outcomes and the evaluation plan to provide feedback to the sponsors and stakeholders on initial performance. The measurement methodology and the evaluation plan should both be in accordance with the metrics chosen to describe the outcome of the work but also on improvements required after going live. Reporting the impact should never shy away from failures as they can be valuable learning experiences. The performance measurement process should also serve to identify fixes and improvements and prioritize them based on user needs and input. Along with monitoring tools, a feedback mechanism should be in place for people to report issues directly.


Desired Outcome: A measurement system is in place to report output and outcomes of system implementation and reports have been issued for initial system operation.

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1. Collect data on reuse of data elements across domain boundaries.
2. Measure extent of information exchanges across organizational boundaries.
3. Determine outcome improvements in mission performance due to improved information sharing across boundaries.
4. Determine the extent of reuse of data that avoids duplicate data entry.
5. Study time saving in production environments due to automating information exchanges.
6. Consider the use of an independent third party, such as an academic institution, to review metrics and results of the IS&S Environment implementation to ensure that the evaluation is accurate, unbiased, and neutral.

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1. What are the key metrics for the IS&S Environment?
2. How have these metrics performed over the life of the service?
3. Which system monitoring tools are in place?
4. What is the volume of each of your service’s top 10 transactions?
5. Which tools are in place to monitor/measure user behavior?
6. How do you measure user satisfaction?
7. How are you reporting performance to the governance body and agency executives?
8. Are your policies and procedures adequately addressing safeguarding and privacy issues?

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